“Hey Amy, didn’t you go home yesterday?”, my first mistake of the day.

The tiny figure of our senior Linux admin was stooped over what looked like the remains of a once glorious PS3. An empty ceramic Hello Kitty coffee mug was placed out of harms way on her side. She looked up and stared at me for sometime; as if to figure out if I meant to scoop all the junk in front of her and made a run for it. Her eyes were bleary from the sleepless night and there was a feeble attempt at what looked like a grin.

“Nah, I felt it was a perfect night to spend some time alone.”

I was afraid to ask what she was doing. Knowing her, she’d roll out a distro in a night with an entirely new package manager which might kill the mighty Apt in a day. No one dared to question Amy about her work. First, her short temper was known to all and second, you did not need to tell her anything. She never made mistakes. Everyone got what they wanted.

“Did you sleep well, Cub?”, her question brought me back to the realm of earth and I realized with a slight embarrassment that I was staring at her all along. This was another one of her annoying habits. She never called me by name. Ever since I joined this company, she made it a point to assert her authority by calling me a cub. Why does she has to do that all the time? I may not be good at deciphering cryptic Perl syntax like her. But I knew my way around work pretty well. If she ever let go off her control, I think I could pretty well manage the entire infrastructure without her.

“I did. Thanks for asking.”, I replied. I jerked my head back from her cabin and made my way towards the coffee machine. Why did I have to ask her something first thing in the morning? I sighed. I could never control myself around her. She was cute, despite the persistent frown on her face. I loved her smile, which was very rare. It was as if she was searching for a reason to stay moody all the time.

I greeted Ronny who was returning from the coffee machine. He signaled me about Amy and I ACKed it. I stopped by my cabin to pick up my mug and continued on my course. I was shaking my head when I poured myself a hot cup. It was going to be a very long day by the looks of it; a caffeinated Amy was never a good sign. I sighed again and took a sip of my coffee. (to be continued.)


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