Kimono – Scraping 2.0

I’ve been playing with Kimono for our scraping needs at work for the last few weeks. Kimono turns websites into an API with the click of a button! You can schedule to run the API hourly, daily or any other time that is right for you. It’ll store the data in the cloud and you can directly embed the results to your webpages or apps.

There are plenty of other features that will impress you, make you let go of scripts and rely solely on Kimono for all your scraping needs! But what intrigued me most was their experimental support for modifying the results. Essentially, you can write a JavaScript snippet to modify the JSON before it goes out on to your websites or apps.

Here’s a list of locations from a bunch of job postings. Kimono let’s you download the results in either JSON or CSV. But you can modify only the JSON endpoints for now!

I used this snippet of code on the above JSON to sort the locations in order(let’s not dwell on how ugly the code is for now! It’s the first lines of code I’ve written in JS, ever 😛 )


When you are comparing between the pros and cons of custom code vs. Kimono, I think this feature might make you give Kimono a twirl!

I want to give big shout-out to @kimonolabs on Twitter! They go all the way to help figure out solutions to your problems! Also, if you happen to build a cool project with Kimono, make sure to ping them and feature it here on #builtwithkimono.


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